4 Months Pregnant with Twins

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Description: Amanda thinks that she's home alone, so she decides to have a little fun with herself. Amanda is 4 months pregnant with twins and even at only 4 months she is showing. Her breasts are becoming bigger, and her nipples are pointy. Amanda gets naked on the couch and has her favorite vibrator with her. She lights up a long white VS120mm cigarette and begins to fuck herself with her vibrator. It's not long until Amanda has her first orgasm. What she doesn't know is that her boyfriend Jeremy has come home early. He heard her moans from upstairs and he came in to see her getting herself off. Jeremy wants to have a turn at her pussy so he begins to finger bang Amanda to another huge orgasm. Jeremy strips out of his clothes and has Amanda start to suck his cock. She smokes and sucks until Jeremy pops a shot of cum into her mouth.