Stripper Stepmom Teaches Stepdaughter How To Dance

Duration: 8:12 Views: 54 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Gianna is a stripper at a local club. When she comes home her stepdaughter Jayden is there on the couch. Jayden hears how her stepmother complains about the lack of funds and Jayden offers to start working at the same club with her stepmother. At first Gianna thinks it's a crazy idea, but soon she changes her mind. Gianna starts training Jayden to be a stripper. They put some music on and both women move sensuously to the music. When Gianna starts to take her clothes off Jayden begins to touch her breasts, vaginal area and begins to masturbate her. Gianna starts to feel so good and goes onto the floor and Jayden starts to eat her pussy from behind. It soon turns into a full fledged lesbian encounter between stepmother and stepdaughter with both women having several orgasms