PropertySex Gorgeous Brunette Real Estate Agent Babe Convinces Picky Client to Purchase Home

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Description: After showing customer Chuck 69 different houses without making a sale, real estate agent Aubree Valentine is at her wit's end. Chuck constantly finds new things to complain about, whether the place is too big, too small, too warm, or too cold, he is impossible! Exasperated, Aubree tells Chuck she will do anything to sell him a house, even suck his dick. This gets Chuck thinking - maybe if he can relieve some stress, he will be able to purchase. Aubree strips off her smart suit to show off a matching purple bra and panties set that really shows off her big boobs and bigger booty. She lies back on the bed and plays with her pussy, then Chuck fingers her and licks her. Aubree gives Chuck a blowjob, then rides his cock until he's ready to buy! As an added bonus, Aubree hops off and swallows the satisfied customer's load.